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This war, no doubt related to the Cang Long enchanted with the spirit of the North face of each hospital, the existence of those extreme parties, for various reasons, can not direct the shot, only secretly watching, so now the two sides line-up, touches became their The most elite force can be dispatched. In between grazing dust daze, the brook is aware of his arrival, immediately came cohesion that beautiful eyes immediately. And Shen Li Xuan Tong and Luo glass there. Fine iron double spear, jumping completely broken, dust, animal husbandry Quanfeng such as electricity, fiercely boom that spear in the chest above the latter suddenly a blood spray, inverted flying Baizhang stature, then just embarrassing steady live. "Eye?" Lingxi eyes showed a hint of surprise. Fog, as if clapping with voice sounded. nfl jerseys nike But equally experienced combat dust, animal husbandry, and how will give him such an opportunity. nfl jerseys nike

He will end the fighting as soon as possible. "Shen Ding Lian-day array!" Dust, animal husbandry, God Color, at this time if it is to become solemn, deep voice, from among its throat with some cold, slowly spread. Accompanied by thunder, he slid to pass, then dust, animal husbandry, fist, is carrying billowing black mine, in an unstoppable momentum. However, in this Yisha, a shaking Jian Yin, suddenly resounded through the sky, and soon many people is seen surging to a Jianqi river, severely boom in the top of the body that Tarrasque child. Are all smile face with one kind of interesting to stare at the two animal husbandry dust. Lingxi heard, eyes are also some slightly dazed, she shook her head and said:"I do not know.

"Animal husbandry Dust brother, you coming? Injuries are good?" Bamboo, the bamboo child stuck a small head, she saw the emergence of animal husbandry dust, small face was full of joy of color. The sky, dust, animal husbandry, volley pass, his upper body clothes broken, emerge with some of the bloodstains on his body as well as the Black Thunder in the beating, his face this time it is particularly cold, eyes like a knife, looking at his eyes that face reddened Wu armor. Dust, animal husbandry, seeing, looking suddenly changed, and snapped:" Who ' Los glass, Li Xuan Tong also sank they look, eyes wary, people can freely distortion of space, certainly not that they can deal with. The sky, dust, animal husbandry, looked at the storm swept out of the spear, but it is in the eyes of the passing touch of sneer, fingerprints a change. On the horizon, dust, animal husbandry, indifferent eyes looked subdued Wu A, then turned his head and looked another piece of direction. Wu A look indifferent, he did not say any words, printing method for a change, I saw the whole body of obtaining the air is boiling up, light filled rooms, two great spiritual matrix emerge immediately in its wake. cheap nfl jerseys nike If there is heavy battles force the common people, together, animal husbandry and dust, then pour contend with Tiamat child, but now, the common people have been seriously injured.

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