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Ft. Eustis Diving School Army Reserves 1964-65


This site has historical Information on Vietnam Deployment
231st Army Reserves Medium Boat, 1968-69 from St. Petersburg FL

231st LCM8's Mekong Delta 1968

(231st initial crew 1968 Bravo 16) Typical Crew of 19 LCM 8's)
Roger Kennedy, Russ King, Jon Cameron, Phil Skeleton, front Tom Twitty, Robert Reid
Average age 25, 2 years of college, Spec. E-4 or 5

Army Reserve Wartime Experience
Yes, we were pissed about being called up.

Call Up The Army Reserves -Up-dated 2/19/2020 - It was 1968 and President Johnson approved a limited call up of 35 Reserve for 24 months or less. Many of the Army units were not combat-ready and only a few, about 5,000 were sent to Vietnam. One of them, the 231st Transportation Company Boat Company from St. Petersburg, FL was called.  Ready or not we were chosen to get battle-ready in 4 months and shipped directly to Vietnam Mekong Delta. The 231st was staffed by 196 men of worldly experience from 19 to 50 years of age with the average 25 years old. Combat was not our thing in the Army’s profound judgment, they figured out a special mission for our Boat Crews. We were to support all the combat troops in the Mekong Delta with instruments of war including carrying Combat Troops to the battleground, Landing Mat, Ammo, Beer, Toilet Paper, etc. The War was on for the Fighting 231st.

We had lost the first battle with the Army and Congressional delegation of our State to negate the call up in general. The reason, the unit was not trained in close combat operations. We were a Heavy Boat unit I.E. Tug Boats and Cargo Ships. We lost that fight and proceeded to get ready for the mission that only a few knew about. Suddenly the unit had been designated LCM Med Boat Unit with 19 LCM8’s (Landing Craft Mechanized). 

This Reserve call-up was dubbed as the ” Clark Clifford Experience”.   Clifford had replaced Robert McNamara as Secretary of Defense in 1968 and convinced President Johnson to deny General Westmoreland’s request for an additional 206,000 American troops. So the training began and the main body arrived in late Aug. 1968 in Vung Tau South Vietnam.  This call-up was right after the Tet offensive and the Army was planning a major counter in the Mekong Deta and surrounding Rivers.  

On arrival by air in Vung Tau, Vietnam late Aug. 1968 the Unit received the 19 bare bones LCM's - The Landing Craft boats that had been Moth Balled) since new around 1956-58. We went to work for the next 30 days un-mothball and to build living quarters for a crew of 6 men to a boat.  We armed the boats with two 50 caliber machine guns and mounts along with other protective issues including two 30 caliber machine guns, M79 grenade launchers and personal M16’s fully automatic. The Six-man crews were all ( NCO’s with this highest rank of E5 for Coxswain and Chief Engineer). The missions began with a bang, something like Deck full of pallets of Budweiser to the 9th Infantry deep in the Delta at Dong Tam. We were instant heroes! 

Note: we were informed by Col. Boyd (see below) the 50th-year Commemoration of serving during the Vietnam Wa.  He indicated were not only the first Reserve Unit in Vietnam but of all the reserves call-up only 5,000 served in the war zone. The following links and pages will attempt to put on the record. The Photos and other details of this Unit’s service and the history and current situation of its members.  Send any updates please and I will try to post them asap. 

This site created and Published since 1999 by Tom Twitty, Publisher, and Editor of



700 Plus Photos
Army 231st Vietnam Tour Collection of various photo's / slides by the 231st Troops. See Articles from Newspapers.

Look below for 3 YouTube
Movies of 231st Operations in War Zone including Mekong Delta, Navy Riverine and 9th Infantry Support


"Fragments Vietnam 1968-69"
New Website, Photo Album
By Don Johnson Published 2017

Army 231st Experience

Fantastic collection by our Traveling Company Clerk




Mekong Delta Yacht Club License Tags
New Order Arrived
- Changed Date from (1965-1971) on Tag.
This tag is really cool and says it all. All troops that served in the Brown Water Navy should have one of these. Pass The word.
Cameron Design
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License Tags and Shirts 231st and MCD Yacht Club

3 different shirt designs

T Shirts for 231st Army Reserves.
Norm Cameron has designed some really great cool looking T's and is collecting orders at this time. Go to this page to inspect and order your shirts. These shirts are Limited Edition one time print and only available to members of the Army 231st Reserves Members and their families. This includes all 231st members that served at any time and any place.
See Larger Images and order form here.. Order blank is obsolete..


Post 273

April 7th 2015-231st Vietnam Luncheon American Legion
Post 273 Madeira Bch. Click Photo or link below for photos.
We had a great turnout at the Legion and Norm Cameron delivered all pre-sold T-shirts that were done to attendees. Tom Twitty presented the Mekong Delta Yacht Club License Tag sample and took Pre-Orders for 25 units. Happy to say two of the guys allowed their Wife's to attend. 20 of the troops, the best showing of the year. Thanks Tom

Pix published here

Keep Scrolling Down for More on 231st

New 2/21/2015 50th Commemoration of the Army Reserve in Vietnam
Dr. Boyd and other VIPs did a fantastic job presenting the 50th Commemoration event at the Max Stover Army Reserve Center. He presented a Certificate of Appreciation to all attending 231st Army Reserves Boat Unit Members.  I have sent out a high resolution to all members that we have e-mail for and it may be printed for framing.
It was a well done presentation and 15 of our 231st Vietnam Vets present and some with family plus 2 from the 319 Truck Unit out of Augusta GA.  The current St. Pete 788th Medical hospital reserve unit was present plus a covey of Army Brass. Our hands were sore from all the Welcome Home Handshakes. 
Where were all those nurses when we were over in Nam?

It was well done and accepted by attending Vets and Family. Many of the Vets did not attend because they are still pissed we got called-up and this was disrupted their lives.View Photo Album for Articles of the distress it caused.


Click Certificate above For more information

231st 2015

THANKS !!!!!!!!!
Very Respectfully, JOHN "JAY" BOYD, Ph.D.
"Victory Through History!"
Director, Office of Army Reserve History
Headquarters, U.S. Army Reserve
4710 Knox Street
Fort Bragg, NC  28310-5010
(910) 570-8183


"Apocalypse Now"


This movie kind of resembles
where we were in role of evil.

Hula Bay 2015
231 Vietnam Vets

Reunion Oct. 13-15 2006
Reunion Photo 2006

Click Here larger Pix.
What we did.
 Friday, Oct. 13th: 2006 Arrival reception around Harry’s Pool Bar at Sirata Resort.  About 31 of the vets showed up for cocktails and then it was off to Silas Dents for Dinner and more drinks.  The night ended up at Sirata Lobby Lounge whereas about 8 of the seasoned Vets closed the place down, or almost.  . 
Saturday, Oct. 14th:       10:00  AM started with a hang-over for some and we spent the day telling lies and showing the DVD's and slides.  Notable DVD' included the Super 8 movies converted by Jim Sanders and Tracy Presser which we were able to project for all to see.  (These images will be available shortly vis this website)   
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM we boarded the Starlight Princess for our dinner cruise with speaker George Calder Supervisor of the Florida Dept. of Veterans Affairs at Bay Pines.  Interested facts and pointer were obtained for the benefits of both Vets and Spouses for now and into the future.  Lt. Joe Vetrano read the list of our departed comrades in arms and we toasted them in spirit.  An outstanding dinner was served and we visited and listened to the band and did some dancing.  Everyone split at 10:00 PM when the boat landed to watch the Gators have a melt down. It was a great night and the weather was perfect.
Sunday, Oct. 15th:  Breakfast at Resort Restaurant. for those that were up and at them.  Goodbye's by all and a promise to get together in a year at Chat A Ways for lunch and plan a Caribbean Cruise for the 40th Anniversary of our Call Up.  So put it on your calendar now Oct 2008.

George Calder gave me his direct e-mail to his Bay Pines office and is standing by to help with any claims you may want to submit for Service Connected Disability. 
Note:  Send any pictures that you want published on our website to me at the e-mail list below.  Also I want to thank all the folks that participated and helped me run down the troops for this reunion.  Special thanks for those that donated some Cash to make all this happen.    Till the Tide Comes In!

Reunion 2004 and what we did.

Full Narrative on 2004 Reunion
More Photos


NEW-- posted 2/19/2015

Sander's Video of the 231st Army Reserves
1968-69 River War on Vietnam's Mekong Delta Area
New -- Posted 3/06/2015
Tracy Pressners 231sr Army at War
Movie on the Mekong Delta
New 4/26/2015
Movie on YouTube Published from Lowell Thomas movie collection. Interesting new images of the mission. Click on Lowell's Photo. ENJOY!
(If no music, it's been blocked, -but we have disputed the copyright claim) .
Thanks Rod Harris for providing Lowell's Movie. RIP Lowell Thomas on of the great guys.


Hope you enjoy the History of 231st Vietnam Vets 1968-69 
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